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20 - Burnside/Stark

Scheduled Arrivals

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Beaverton Transit Center
SW Lombard & Center
SW Center & 125th
SW Hall & Colony
SW Hall & Cedar Hills
3300 Block SW Cedar Hills
SW Cedar Hills & Fairfield
SW Cedar Hills & Jenkins
SW Cedar Hills & Walker
SW Cedar Hills & Huntington
SW Cedar Hills & Lynnridge
SW Cedar Hills & Park Way
SW Cedar Hills & Foothill Dr
SW Cedar Hills & Butner
SW Barnes & Cedar Hills Blvd
Sunset Transit Center
9300 Block SW Barnes
St Vincent Hospital East Pavilion
St Vincent Hospital Main Stop
SW Barnes & Monterey
SW Barnes & 88th
SW Barnes & 84th
8200 Block SW Barnes (Art School)
SW Barnes & Leahy
7600 Block SW Barnes
SW Barnes & Miller
SW Barnes & 70th
W Burnside & SW Barnes
W Burnside & Mt. Calvary Cemetery
W Burnside & SW 48th Dr
W Burnside & SW Fischer Ln
W Burnside & NW Barnes
W Burnside & NW Hermosa
W Burnside & SW Tichner
W Burnside & NW Maywood Dr
W Burnside & NW Uptown Terrace
W Burnside & SW Osage
W Burnside & SW St Clair
W Burnside & SW 21st
W Burnside & SW 20th
W Burnside & SW 18th
W Burnside & SW 15th
W Burnside & SW 13th
W Burnside & SW 10th
W Burnside & SW 8th
W Burnside & SW 6th
W Burnside & SW 2nd
E Burnside & NE Grand
E Burnside & SE 8th
E Burnside & SE Sandy
E Burnside & SE 16th
E Burnside & SE 20th
E Burnside & SE 24th
E Burnside & SE 28th
E Burnside & SE 32nd
E Burnside & SE Floral
E Burnside & SE Laurelhurst
E Burnside & SE Cesar Chavez Blvd
E Burnside & SE 41st
E Burnside & SE 44th
E Burnside & SE 47th
E Burnside & SE 52nd
E Burnside & SE 55th
E Burnside & SE 57th
E Burnside & SE 60th
E Burnside & 63rd
E Burnside & SE 67th
E Burnside & SE 69th
E Burnside & SE 72nd
E Burnside & SE 74th
E Burnside & SE 79th
E Burnside & SE 82nd
E Burnside & SE 87th
9100 Block E Burnside
E Burnside & SE 94th
E Burnside & SE 99th
SE 102nd & Burnside
SE 102nd & Pine
SE Washington & 105th
SE Washington & 108th
SE Stark & 111th
SE Stark & 113th
SE Stark & 117th
SE Stark & 119th
SE Stark & 122nd
12600 Block SE Stark
SE Stark & 130th
SE Stark & 133rd
SE Stark & 139th
SE Stark & 143rd
SE Stark & 148th
SE Stark & 151st
SE Stark & 155th
SE Stark & 160th
SE Stark & 162nd
SE Stark & 166th Pl
SE Stark & 169th
SE Stark & 174th
SE Stark & 176th Pl
SE Stark & 179th
SE Stark & 182nd
SE Stark & 185th
SE Stark & 187th
SE Stark & 192nd
SE Stark & 196th
SE Stark & 199th
SE Stark & 202nd
SE Stark & 205th
21000 Block SE Stark
SE Stark & 214th
SE Stark & 217th
SE Stark & 220th
SE Stark & 223rd
SE Stark & NE Kelly
SE Stark & NE Cleveland
SE Stark & 238th
SE Stark & NE 242nd
SE Stark & Medical Center
SE Stark & NE Hale
NE Kane & SE Stark
NE Kane & 29th (MHCC)
NE Kane & 23rd
NE Kane & 18th Ct
NE Kane & 15th
NE Kane & Division
NE Division & Village Squire Ct
NE Division & Fleming
NE Division & Francis
NE Division & Hogan Pl
NE Division & Burnside
NE Division & Cleveland
NE Division & Kelly
NE Hood & 9th
Gresham Transit Center
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