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Real-Time Arrival Predictions

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Fitzgerald Ave & Keith St
Fitzgerald Ave & Jennings St
Fitzgerald Ave & Ingalls St
Fitzgerald Ave & Hawes St
Gilman Ave & Griffith St
Gilman Ave & Bill Walsh Way
Ingerson Ave & Griffith St
Ingerson Ave & Hawes St
Hawes St & Gilman Ave
Gilman Ave & Ingalls St
Gilman Ave & Jennings St
Gilman Ave & 3rd St
Paul Ave & Gould St
Paul Ave & Crane St
Paul Ave & Bay Shore Blvd
Paul Ave & San Bruno Ave
Mansell St & San Bruno Ave
Mansell St & Brussels St
Mansell St & Goettingen St
Mansell St & Somerset St
Mansell St & Hamilton St
Mansell St & Dartmouth St
Mansell St & University St
Mansell St & John F Shelley Dr
Mansell St & John F Shelley Dr
Persia Ave & Brazil Ave
Persia Ave & Prague St
Persia Ave & Moscow St
Persia Ave & Athens St
Persia Ave & Naples St
Persia Ave & Madrid St
Persia Ave & Paris St
Persia Ave & Mission St
Ocean Ave & Cayuga Ave
Ocean Ave & Otsego Ave
Ocean Ave & San Jose Ave
Ocean Ave&I-280 on-ramp NE-NS/SB
Ocean Ave & Howth St
Ocean Ave & Lee St
Plymouth Ave & Ocean Ave
Plymouth Ave & Holloway Ave
Plymouth Ave & Grafton Ave
Garfield St & Bright St
Garfield St & Vernon St
Garfield St & Byxbee St
Garfield St & Beverly St
Holloway Ave & Junipero Serra Blvd
19th Avenue & Holloway St
Winston Dr & 20th Ave
Winston Dr & Buckingham Way
Winston Dr & Lake Merced Blvd
Lake Merced & Middlefield Dr
Sunset Blvd & Lake Merced Blvd
Sunset Blvd & Ocean Ave
Sunset Blvd & Yorba St
Sunset Blvd & Wawona St
Sunset Blvd & Vicente St
Sunset Blvd & Ulloa St
Sunset Blvd & Taraval St
Sunset Blvd & Santiago St
Sunset Blvd & Rivera St
Sunset Blvd & Quintara St
Sunset Blvd & Pacheco St
Sunset Blvd & Ortega St
Sunset Blvd & Noriega St
Sunset Blvd & Moraga St
Sunset Blvd & Lawton St
Sunset Blvd & Kirkham St
Sunset Blvd & Judah St
Sunset Blvd & Irving St
36th Ave & Lincoln Way
Lincoln Way & 34th Ave
Lincoln Way & 30th Ave
Lincoln Way & 27th Ave
Lincoln Way & 25th Ave
Lincoln Way & 23rd Ave
Lincoln Way & 21st Ave
Cross Over Dr&Lincoln St
Cross Over Dr & Fulton St
25th Ave & Balboa St
25th Ave & Geary Blvd
25th Ave & Clement St
25th Ave & California St
25th Ave & Lake St
25th Ave & El Camino Del Mar
Lincoln Blvd & Bowley St
Lincoln Blvd & Pershing Dr
Bowley St & Lincoln Blvd

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA or San Francisco MTA) is an agency created by consolidation of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT), and the Taxicab Commission.

Swiftly is not affiliated with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.