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JUMP - Boulder / Lafayette via Arapahoe

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Lafayette PnR Gate B
South Boulder Rd & Saratoga Dr
South Boulder Rd & Robin Hood St
Sir Galahad Dr & South Boulder Rd
Merlin Dr & E Spaulding St
E Spaulding St & Dove St
E Spaulding St & S Public Rd
S Public Rd & E Chester St
N Public Rd & E Geneseo St
W Baseline Rd & N Cornelius St
500 Block N 111th St
N 111th St & Starline Ave
N 111th St & Lucerne Dr
N 111th St & Beacon Hill Dr
Arapahoe Rd & N 111th St
Arapahoe Rd & US 287
Arapahoe Rd & Stonehenge Dr
10300 Block Arapahoe Rd
Arapahoe Rd & N 101st St
Arapahoe Rd & Yarrow St
Arapahoe Rd & Forest Park Dr
Arapahoe Rd & N 95th St
Arapahoe Rd & Cross Creek Dr
Arapahoe Rd & Wicklow St
Arapahoe Rd & Park Lake Dr
Arapahoe Rd & Marshallville Ditch Rd
Arapahoe Rd & East Boulder Trail
Arapahoe Rd & Willow Creek Dr
Arapahoe Rd & 75th St
Arapahoe Rd & Valtec Ln
Arapahoe Rd & 65th St
6400 Block Arapahoe Rd
Arapahoe Ave & 63rd St
Arapahoe Ave & Cherryvale Rd
Arapahoe Ave & Old Tale Rd
5700 Block Arapahoe Ave
Arapahoe Ave & 55th St
Arapahoe Ave & Conestoga St
Arapahoe Ave & Commerce St
Arapahoe Ave & 48th St
Arapahoe Ave & MacArthur Dr
Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Nearside
Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Farside
Arapahoe Ave & 38th St
Arapahoe Ave & 33rd St
Arapahoe Ave & 30th St
Arapahoe Ave & 29th St
Arapahoe Ave & 28th St
Arapahoe Ave & 23rd St
Arapahoe Ave & 21st St
Arapahoe Ave & 19th St
Arapahoe Ave & 17th St
Arapahoe Ave & Broadway
Arapahoe Ave & 11th St
Arapahoe Ave & 9th St
9th & Arapahoe Ave
Canyon Blvd & 9th St
Canyon Blvd & 11th St
Downtown Boulder Station Gate A
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