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27 - Yale Avenue

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

S Ulster St & Tufts Ave (Nb)
Tufts Ave & S DTC Blvd
S DTC Blvd & Tufts Ave
Temple Dr & S Wabash St
Temple Dr & S Xenia St
S Yosemite St & Union Ave
S Yosemite St & Tufts Ave
S Yosemite St & S Verbena St
S Yosemite St & Radcliff Ave
S Yosemite St & Oxford Dr
S Yosemite St & Nassau Ave
Mansfield Ave & S Yosemite St
Mansfield Ave & S Wabash St
Mansfield Ave & S Uinta St
S Tamarac Dr & Mansfield Ave
S Tamarac Dr & Lehigh Dr
S Tamarac Dr & Kenyon Ave
S Tamarac Dr & Hampden Cir
S Tamarac Dr & Hampden Ave
S Tamarac Dr & Eastman Ave
S Quebec St & Dartmouth Ave
S Quebec St & Cornell Ave
S Quebec St & Amherst Ave
Yale Ave & S Quebec St
Yale Ave & S Oneida St
Yale Ave & S Norman Ct
Yale Ave & S Monaco Pkwy
Yale Ave & S Krameria St
Yale Ave & S Holly St
Yale Ave & S Hudson St
Yale Station Gate A
Yale Ave & S Eudora St
Yale Ave & S Dahlia St
Yale Ave & S Cherry St
Yale Ave & S Clermont Dr
Yale Ave & S Ash St
Yale Ave & S Harrison St
Yale Ave & S Garfield St
Yale Ave & S Cook St
Yale Ave & S Langley Ct
Yale Ave & S Clayton St
Yale Ave & S University Blvd
Yale Ave & S Vine St
Yale Ave & S Williams St
Yale Ave & S Humboldt St
Yale Ave & S Downing St
Yale Ave & S Clarkson St
Yale Ave & S Logan St
Yale Ave & S Lincoln St
W Yale St & S Cherokee St
2700 Block S Elati St
W Bates Ave & S Fox St
S Galapago St & W Cornell Ave
S Inca St & W Dartmouth Ave
Englewood Station Gate F
Inca St & W Dartmouth Ave
W Dartmouth Ave & S Santa Fe Dr
W Dartmouth Ave & S Lipan St
W Dartmouth Ave & S Platte River Dr
1800 Block W Dartmouth Ave
W Dartmouth Ave & S Tejon St
W Dartmouth Ave & S Wyandot St
W Dartmouth Ave & S Bryant St
W Dartmouth Ave & S Dale Ct
S Federal Blvd & W Cornell Ave
S Federal Blvd & W Bates Ave
S Federal Blvd & W Amherst Ave
S Federal Blvd & W Yale Ave
S Federal Blvd & W Harvard Ave
S Federal Blvd & W Iliff Ave
W Warren Ave & S Decatur St
S Clay St & W Warren Ave
W Evans Ave & S Clay St
S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate E
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