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NRE - Night Rider East

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

109 Victoria St (Momento Cafe)
391 Victoria St
218B Anglesea St (Youth and Family)
100 Victoria St
Anzac Parade (outside Police Station)
446 Grey St
Grey St (Steele Park)
20 Wellington St
Opposite 38 Wellington St
43 Wellington St
55 Wellington St
79A Naylor St
97 Naylor St
43 Cambridge Rd
55 Hillcrest Rd
Opposite 100 Hillcrest Rd (St John's College)
7 Vesty Ave
44 Carrington Ave
4 Carrington Ave
81 Masters Ave
Masters Ave (Hillcrest High School)
Opposite 150 Masters Ave
91 Silverdale Rd
Silverdale Rd (Uni Gate 10)
Silverdale Rd (opposite Uni Gate 3B)
Opposite 187 Knighton Rd
Knighton Rd ( (Uni Gate 2)
274 Clyde St
220 Clyde St
47 Old Farm Rd
36 Wilson St
20 Wilson St
Opposite 58 Peachgrove Rd (outside HBHS main entrance)
Peachgrove Rd (outside Peachgrove Rd Playcentre)
Peachgrove Rd (just north of rail crossing)
199 Peachgrove Rd (opposite Southwell School)
213 Peachgrove Rd
255 Peachgrove Rd (just north of Five Crossroads)
359 Peachgrove Rd (near Holland Rd)
37 Hukanui Rd
Hukanui Rd (outside St Pauls Collegiate)
Lynden Court East (Chartwell)
251 Hukanui Rd
299 Hukanui Rd
343 Hukanui Rd
373 Hukanui Rd
403 Hukanui Rd
Opposite 452 Hukanui Rd (outside Countdown St James)
Opposite 186 Thomas Rd (Villa's D'este)
Opposite 228 Thomas Rd (Grosvenor Park)
Opposite 256 Thomas Rd
112 Discovery Dr
Opposite 91 Discovery Dr
44 Discovery Dr
118 Endeavour Ave
94 Endeavour Ave
78A Endeavour Ave
52 Endeavour Ave
Opposite 23 Endeavour Ave
1126 River Rd
Opposite 1105 River Rd
1050 River Rd
930 River Rd
57 Comries Rd
77 Comries Rd
160 Bankwood Rd
120 Bankwood Rd
94 Bankwood Rd
40 Bankwood Rd
12 Bankwood Rd
1152 Heaphy Tce
Heaphy Tce (Fairfield Park)
1044 Heaphy Tce
956 Heaphy Tce
Opposite 917 Heaphy Tce
Opposite 877 Heaphy Tce
Opposite 825 Heaphy Tce
668 Grey St
526 Grey St
51 Victoria St
109 Victoria St (Momento Cafe)
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