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Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

Richmond BART
MacDonald Av:21st St (Div 3 Gate)
MacDonald Av:23rd St
MacDonald Av:25th St
MacDonald Av:27th St
MacDonald Av:31st St
MacDonald Av:Harry Ells Pl
MacDonald Av:37th St
MacDonald Av:39th St
MacDonald Av:42nd St
MacDonald Av:44th St
MacDonald Av:San Pablo Av
San Pablo Av:Home Depot
San Pablo Av:Wall Av
Del Norte BART Station
San Pablo Av:Hill St
San Pablo Av:Potrero Av
San Pablo Av:Jefferson Av
San Pablo Av:Bayview Av
San Pablo Av:Orchard Av
San Pablo Av:Moeser Ln
San Pablo Av:Panama Av
San Pablo Ave:Columbia Ave
San Pablo Av:El Dorado St
San Pablo Av:Central Av
San Pablo Av:Fairmount Av
San Pablo Av:Carlson Blvd
San Pablo Av:Brighton Av
San Pablo Av:Castro St
San Pablo Av:Solano Av
San Pablo Av:Buchanan St
San Pablo Av:Marin Av
San Pablo Av:Monroe St
San Pablo Av:Harrison St
San Pablo Av:Gilman St
San Pablo Av:Page St
San Pablo Av:Cedar St
San Pablo Av:Delaware St
University Av:San Pablo Av
University Av:Bonar St
University Av:Acton St
University Av:Sacramento St
University Av:Grant St
University Av:Martin Luther King Jr Way
University Av:Shattuck Av
Shattuck Av:Center St
Shattuck Av:Kittredge St
Shattuck Av:Durant Av
Shattuck Av:Dwight Way
Shattuck Av:Parker St
Shattuck Av:Derby St
Adeline St:Ward St
Adeline St:Oregon St
Ashby Av:Adeline St (Ashby BART Station)
Ashby Av:Shattuck Av
Ashby Av:Wheeler St
Ashby Av:Deakin St
Telegraph Av:Webster St
Telegraph Av:Prince St
Telegraph Av:Alcatraz Av
Telegraph Av:62nd St
Telegraph Av:60th St
Telegraph Av:59th St
Telegraph Av:58th St
Telegraph Av:Aileen St
Telegraph Av:55th St
Telegraph Av:52nd St
Telegraph Av:50th St
Telegraph Av:45th St
Telegraph Av:44th St
Telegraph Av:40th St
Telegraph Av:W MacArthur Blvd
Telegraph Av:36th St
Telegraph Av:34th St
Telegraph Av:32nd St
Telegraph Av:30th St
Telegragh Av:27th St
Telegraph Av:24th St
Thomas L Berkley Way (20th St):Telegraph Av
Broadway:19th St (19th St BART Station)
Broadway:17th St
Broadway:14th St (12th St BART Station)
About AC Transit

AC Transit (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District) is an Oakland-based public transit agency serving the western portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. AC Transit also operates "Transbay" routes across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and selected areas in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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