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646 - Montera/ Skyline High/ Coliseum Bart

Real-Time Arrival Predictions

There are currently no arrival predictions.

San Leandro St:Coliseum BART Walkway
San Leandro St:77th Av
81st Av:Mother's Cookies Factory
81st Av:#860
81st Av:Rudsdale St
81st Av:B St
81st Av:International Blvd
82nd Av:International Blvd
82nd Av:Holly St
82nd Av:Plymouth St
82nd Av:Birch St
82nd Av:Olive St
82nd Av:Bancroft Av
82nd Av:Hillside St
82nd Av:MacArthur Blvd
Golf Links Rd:#8335
Golf Links Rd:Fontaine St
Fontaine St:#9120
Fontaine St:Crest Av (Charles Howard School)
Fontaine St:Overpass (Near King Estates Mid. Sch.)
Mountain Blvd:Fontaine Ct
Mountain Blvd:Shone Av
Keller Av:Greenridge Dr
Keller Av:Rilea Way (Sequoyah Community Church)
Keller Av:Canyon Oaks Dr
Keller Av:Campus Dr
Hansom Dr:Coach Dr
Hansom Dr:Shay Dr (South-East Jctn)
Hansom Dr:Shay Dr (North-West Jctn)
Hansom Dr:Pinecrest Dr
Hansom Dr:Surrey Ln
Hansom Dr:Skyline Blvd
Skyline Blvd:Skyway Ln
Skyline Blvd:#13500
Skyline Blvd:#13200
Skyline Blvd:Parkridge Dr
Skyline Blvd:Brandy Rock Way
Skyline Blvd:Brookpark Rd
Skyline Blvd:Balmoral Dr
Skyline High School
Skyline Blvd:Redwood Rd
Skyline Blvd:Stantonville Dr
Skyline Blvd:Crestmont Dr
Joaquin Miller Rd:Skyline Blvd
Joaquin Miller Rd:Crockett Pl
Joaquin Miller Rd:Sanborn Dr (East Jctn)
Joaquin Miller Rd:Crane Way
Joaquin Miller Rd:Sanborn Dr (West Jctn)
Mountain Blvd:Woodminster Ln(Near Joaquin Miller)
Mountain Blvd:Kearney Av
Mountain Blvd:Woodcrest Cir
Mountain Blvd:Joaquin Miller Ct
Mountain Blvd:Ascot Dr
Ascot Dr:Camino Lenada (Opp. Joaquin Miller Sch.)
Ascot Dr:Ascot Pl
Montera Jr High School:Scout Rd
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